Saturday, 19 April 2014

Project Description

HOME IS is a multimedia, cross arts poetry project exploring the concept of  'home' and how it is defined by various people, particularly when upheaval and or migration play a focal point in a people’s history.

Simply stated, we are exploring the impact of emotional and physical displacement on people’s concepts of home.

For many, the concept of home forms part of self-definition. But what happens when your idea of home conflicts with your reality? When people’s perceptions of you, are based on single narrative assumptions linked to race or circumstance, which don’t quite capture your existence? How do people navigate the journey from a place of precarious physical or psychological displacement to a state of being, where they decide, wherever I am, is home?

Collecting stories from a broad spectrum of ages, genders and races, with a particular focus on people of colour in several UK cities, HOME ISwill navigate human stories, highlight personal journeys and shared experiences and prompt necessary discussions at a time when understanding each other or ‘the other’ is pertinent.   

Artistically, the HOME IScollective will be presenting:
  • a poetry exhibition showcasing collaborations between poetry and diverse visual art forms in print and video installations;
  • a full length poetry theatre production; and
  • a range of workshops which will run alongside a nationwide tour of the project.

2016 will be an interesting year. Stay with us.